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Yeah, we’re blogging March 26, 2010

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Today I decided it was time to dump the Bredlow family website and just blog instead.  I mean seriously, that’s really all I was doing on the website anyway.  I think I can handle blogging.  After all, blogging is basically a chronological record of information – like an online diary (and who doesn’t want to read my diary?).

So today I worked, I know it’s an amazing way to start a blog: today I worked.  Wow, that is exciting!

I did manage to squeeze in a force protection brief.  Although required for our move and for anyone that wants to travel outside the United States, I was quite put off by the nonchalant attitude and demeanor of the retired LTC that gave the brief.  He had us sit at a table while he briefed off his computer screen. . . on his desk.  I got up to move closer so I could see his pictures and charts and he told us to stay at the table.  He whizzed through an hour briefing in about five minutes, I’ll give him kudos for that.  But the truth is, what kind of justice is he serving if he whips through it this fast and misses something important, or if someone misses something important.  Oh well, the mandatory brief is over and I spent more time driving to it and finding parking than I did in the brief.

Other than the boys having school and swimming, the big deal of the day was with Trygg. Yesterday his friends mom called and asked if he could have a sleepover.  Wow, already?  Do kids really have sleepovers at this age?  Ok, so he’s 4 1/2 and by far the youngest in his class.   So we agreed to the sleepover and I think after we said yes to it we both started second guessing our decision.

I bid him farewell when I dropped him off at school and said: “Trygg, I’m going to miss you when you’re at Isaac’s tonight.”  He looked at me and said: “I’m not going to miss you.”  Well, alrighty then.

He did call me before going to bed tonight (that was so nice of his friends mom) and he sounded excited to talk to me.  They were getting ready to watch a Veggie Tales movie and have popcorn.  I’ll admit, it was easier to say yes to the sleepover because I know the family he’s staying with is a Christian family.

So that’s about it for today’s events.  Now that it’s darn near 2am my headache has finally gone away.  Nothing like waiting until the end of the day huh?


One Response to “Yeah, we’re blogging”

  1. Karen S Says:

    I am so proud of Trygg! Sophia will be having her first sleep over soon with Libby. It also helps that we know the family and have known them since we were pregnant with our girls together. They too are a very good Christian family. I will not have to worry about porn or drugs. =)

    I sure miss you guys. =(


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