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Trygg the fish March 31, 2010

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This morning was one of the worst mornings in terms of getting Trygg up and out the door.  Wow, he was dead asleep at 830 and I needed him in the pool at 9. . . on Fort Leavenworth!

After much to do about nothing we were on our way, and thanks to God we found a good parking spot.  That is virtually unheard of if you get to the gym past 845, and we were getting there a few past 9 (obviously I was speeding a bit).

Anyway, he loves swimming and he enjoys his swimming lessons.  After his lesson was over I met him by the door to the pool.  He was standing there shaking uncontrollably because he was freezing, but he was grinning from ear to ear and he said “I get to go to level 2!”  Then he handed me his little yellow “swimming report card” and showed me his treat his teacher gave him.

He was so proud he passed that he told me on the way home he couldn’t wait to pass level 2.  Good, because sign-ups start tonight at midnight and I intend to get these boys swimming like fish before we move.

On a side note, Tyler and Trey passed their levels yesterday.  They were no where near as excited as Trygg though.  Tyler moves to level 4 and Trey to level 3.  Trygg’s level 2 is a preschool level 2, but he doesn’t care.


3 Responses to “Trygg the fish”

  1. Mom Says:

    All I can think of is that stupid McDonalds song – “Give me back that filet of fish…gimme that fish”…..hahahaha


  2. Cori Says:

    Maybe you should reward them with a fish 🙂


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