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Spring has sprung April 11, 2010

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Well, it’s official.  Spring is finally here in Kansas.

I don’t anticipate any more snow, although I guess it could happen.  The grass is green (and been mowed a time or two already), the trees are in bloom (as are the flowers), and the boys are as cranky as ever.  Thank God for the beautiful weather though, it allows us to banish them to the yard.

Tyler spends hours out in the woods and fields behind us with Trooper “exploring.”  He’ll take his phone, sling shot, pellets, CSI kit, and the dog.  He’s pretty good at remembering where he was and how he got there too.  He’s brought all of us back to show us what he’s found – several different piles of bones.  Now we know there is a cougar (aka: Mountain Lion) in the area and that does explain the crazy piles of bones. . . and how they managed to get broken in the way they are broken.  But Tyler likes to pretend it’s a crime scene.  He even asked if he could use his crime scene tape and mark off one of the areas.  🙂

He started soccer a few weeks ago and his team is pretty good, his coach is phenomenal.  He played goalie for half the game this past week and didn’t allow any goals.  That was pretty sweet to watch!  Otherwise he plays in a different position, I’d mention what it is if I knew what the other positions were.  I do believe he’ll start baseball in a few weeks too, he’ll like that.  Oh, and he did complete his scuba training.  He was so proud!  Unfortunately I did not complete it.  My neurologist refused to approve my medical waiver so I am not allowed to get certified -ever.  It’s too great of a medical risk.  Bummer because I loved scuba diving. Today he had a hockey potluck and he received his trophy for playing this year.  Talk about a nice (and big) trophy!

Trey’s in soccer too and he absolutely loves it.  I asked him who his coach was and all he said is “he’s got really bumpy legs.”  Um. . Trey, you might want to learn to recognize his face.  You know, in case he wears pants.  He’ll start baseball soon too and I think he’s looking forward to it.

Trygg starts baseball this week and he is very excited.  This will be his first time getting to play a sport.  He really wanted to play hockey and soccer but was too young for both.

Last week we had half a tree come down during a storm.  It missed the house by less than two feet.  Trygg freaked out when it happened because he was standing behind me and I was standing at my desk – which is where the tree fell.  Anyway, he was later excited because he could finally “climb” a tree by himself!  He would climb onto it and then jump out.  He had a blast.  Today Bruce finished cutting it up and adding it to the wood pile.  Trygg will have to learn to climb regular trees now.

Trygg jumping out of the tree

We’re getting ready for a yard sale, it’s amazing how much crap we’ve accumulated.  I thought I got rid of it all before we moved here, guess not.  I’ve been letting the boys pick what clothes and books they are selling.  I ask them each week to bring me the stuff they don’t want anymore, it’s been a great way to get them to get rid of their crap without a fight.  Toys, well, that’s a different story.  They’ve given a few up willingly, but there are some I’m taking by force.  We’ve been here almost a year and the ones they haven’t touched are not staying.  Besides, it’ll make way for new ones.  They are all addicted to legos and cars still though.  I can handle that.

Off to make dinner. . . even counting calories for Tyler is proving a huge challenge.  It’s really hard to get an 11-year-old to eat the same amount of calories his 36-year-old father should be eating.  Well, without giving the rest of us a ton of crap that is.


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  1. Cori Says:

    🙂 I love that Trygg gets to play a sport! How exciting for him! How is calorie counting going? Has he been eating the right amount??

    Can’t wait to see you soon 😉


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