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Trey scored his first goal! April 14, 2010

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Tonight Trey had his second soccer game.  His bright orange team is the “Sharks.”  They picked the team names before they had their uniforms.

At his age they split the team in half and use two fields, and then basically have two games going on at the same time. So as a parent I just turn my chair around to watch one game, or turn it the other way to watch the other game.  They rotate one team at half time so that each team plays against everyone.   I’m told the reasoning is so that very few kids are sitting around doing nothing.  It seemed crazy to me last week when I first saw it, but after seeing it again tonight I think it’s an ingenious idea.

Twice in the first half Trey scored!  He was so darn excited.

Trey after he scored!

Shortly after his second goal he went to block a kick took a tumble.  He immediately grabbed his knee and assumed the fetal position on the field.  I could tell he was in pain but tried to not look too concerned.  The coach had to help him walk off the field.  Poor little guy.  He had half time and part of the second half to sit and ice his knee.  I think he either twisted it or was kicked in it, but he sucked it up and played the second half (albeit slower than the first half).  He’ll probably be a little stiff in the morning.  We’ll see.

All in all he played really well and was super stoked about his goals!


One Response to “Trey scored his first goal!”

  1. Heather Says:

    WOOHOO TREY!!! Way to go!


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