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Baseball season has begun. . . . April 15, 2010

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So tonight was Trygg’s first baseball practice.  I suited him up in his baseball attire, right down to the cleats and glove.  We got there and parked in the first parking lot I saw because the sign on the drive said “residents only.”  Since this was on post I figured I shouldn’t disobey.  The MPs on some installations are known as nazi’s, I didn’t want to find out how they were here.

So, the coach mentioned on the phone a few days earlier that we would be on field three, the one in the back.  Yeah, now that I was looking at the park I realized that was going to be one very long walk.  I decided against the lawn chair after I saw how far I was going to have to carry it (turns out that was a good decision).

Finally Trygg and I make it to the field, and of course, no one else is there.  Oh, and come to find out. . . there was a second parking lot back here.  Man, that sure would have been good to know ten minutes ago.  Trygg was already sweating just from walking to the field.  I kid you not, it had to be almost a half mile from where we parked.  I was so glad we were 15 minutes early and that we didn’t dilly dally at the park we passed.

We sit down on the bleachers and I thought, oh good, I didn’t need my chair.  As I’m looking around (ok, I was sizing up the other kids and their parents) I realized I recognized this one lady, but I couldn’t place her.  Then I see Trygg and David playing – agh, she’s a mom from his preschool!  Her and I start chatting and she asked if this was my first time in a Smart Start program.

Smart Start?  What on earth is that?  She casually explained that it’s a program the youth services offers for the beginning age group of all the sports.  How cool I thought.  We’ll get him started on the right foot right from the start.  What was that she just said?  She was so tired from all the running she had to do with him in basketball. . . she was running?!  Oh my gosh . . smart start is like a mommy/daddy and me class.  Holy crap, what did Bruce sign me up for and why didn’t he mention this?!  Oh, this must be why he was so quick to say I had to take Trygg to baseball. . . turns out he had no idea either.

The field is small and Trygg is totally psyched to get started.  They hand all the kids a bat, two balls, and a glove.  Then they hand the parents a “how to play baseball” guide.  All the supplies are the kids to keep.  Now Trygg is wicked excited to get started and he’s jumping all over making a fool of himself with David (didn’t his teacher just tell me this afternoon in his conference how well-behaved he was?!).  I’m looking around for a place to line up and warm up when I see Yvonne.  Holy cow we went to high school together and were both in New York at the same time (for three years) and I run into her on the baseball field?!  I stop by and give a quick hello hug to her – I think she had no idea who I was.  Ha ha ha!

Anyway, I spent the next hour running after balls and chasing Trygg around the outfield (see, I didn’t need that chair).  They had stations set up and we rotated through them, but still, I was planning to sit on the bench and read a book for the hour.  Had I known I was going to be an active participant I would have at least put a belt on or something.  My shorts fall down when I run around and I assumed they’d be good enough to walk from the car to the bench with. . . now I know for next time.

Needless to say Trygg had a great time and is super excited to go again next week (thank God it’s only one night a week).  This is the first time he’s been old enough to play a sport and he kept asking me when his first game was.  On the walk back to the car he was strutting like he was hot stuff.  Keep working it Trygg, you might pick up a three-year old on the playground as we walk past. 😉

Finally we’re in the car and getting buckled up when he says: “We have to be nice to cows mom.  Do you know why we have to be nice to cows?”  Umm. . .nope I sure don’t.  “We have to be nice to cows mom because otherwise they won’t make yummy white and brown and pink milk for us.”



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