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Mmmmmm. . . . asparagus! April 16, 2010

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I made grilled asparagus tonight to go with our burgers.  I tossed one to the stray cat that was sitting on the patio watching me.  He sniffed it, sat down, and continued to stare at me.  He still hasn’t eaten my grilled offering.

I drop a few on each of the kids dinner plates.  All three look at me like I’m crazy.  And thus starts the new vegetable dramatic performances by the Bredlow boys.  Let’s just say brussel sprout night did not go over well.  Trey asks me what it is as he’s putting it in his mouth.  He’s not afraid to eat anything.  He devours three stems in no time.

Trygg takes that as his queue to try it and bites into one.  He only ate half of one.  Considering he ate 3/4 of a cheeseburger, that was pretty good for his little belly.  And he was the child that insisted I save the extra.

Tyler on the other hand. . . yeah, he’s not one to eat new foods, ok, he doesn’t eat much food period.  He had already convinced himself it was going to be nasty; so when I told him he had to eat both of the stems on his plate he about puked.  He daintily picked one up and looked it over.  Then he smelt it and did that gag impression.  I told him to knock it off and just eat it already.

Can you believe he started crying?!  For real child, it’s just asparagus – are tears necessary?!  I sent him to his room as Bruce is yelling, “I guess you can have this for breakfast then.”

In the meantime the younger two decided they wanted Dairy Queen for dessert.  Well, to get dessert out everyone has to finish all the food on their plates. . to include Tyler.  I call him down for one final chance at redemption.

He puts part of his asparagus in his baked beans and then eats it that way.  He gets one down and is really complaining when I tell him to put one on Bruce’s plate.  Without questioning me he grabs one and drops it on Bruce’s plate.  Bruce freaks out over it and puts it back on Tyler’s plate.  Tyler went to put it back in the stack when I stopped him. . you touched it so you have to eat it.

If you know Tyler you can just about picture the hissy fit that ensued.   While he was acting like an 11-year-old girl I packaged up the rest (that was Trygg’s request – to save the extra).  After Tyler carried on for a bit Trygg said, “can I give him more since he won’t shut up?”  He even went to the fridge to get it out! I love that little parent.

It took a while, but Tyler did manage to finish his asparagus.  And Bruce ate one too.

The best part of the night though was while I was cleaning up and Tyler was at the table still trying to convince me that he didn’t need to eat his asparagus.  He held one up in front of him so it was dangling limply from his fork.  He stared at it as if examining it.  Then said, “do I really have to eat this slimy, skinny, green wiener?”  Trey answered with, “slimy, but satisfying.” I may never look at asparagus the same again!

It went downhill fast from there. 😉


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