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Working on the web. . . April 29, 2010

Filed under: Totally Random Stuff — bredlowfamily @ 10:18 am

I’m sitting at my desk getting ready to log into a meeting.  So naturally I tell Trygg I’m doing that and I take preemptive action and get him a drink and food in advance and leave it on the table.   I kid you not, no matter when he last ate, if I log into a meeting he needs something to eat and drink.

Ok so I’m logged into the meeting site and have it up on my computer screen with the speakers cranked up so I can hear them over him.  We’re having some technical problems and nobody can hear the guest speaker; this is when Trygg comes up behind me.

He says: “are you in a meeting?”

I said: “working on it, whadya need?”

Then he asked me: “are you dressed?”

Hello?!?!?!  What kind of place does he think I work for???


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