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I’m hungry. September 1, 2010

There are a few things I’ve learned over the years about my medicine.  The first is that for some odd reason I can take a dose one day, and take the exact same dose the next and get two totally different results.  Today is a classic example of this.  I took half a dose today (only because I totally forgot my afternoon dose) and was jittery the whole day.  Not jittery as in a bad way, but I definitely felt like I had a little extra pep in my step.  Well, except for the hour or so right when the boys got out of school.  I was wiped out then and really could have used that extra dose I missed.  The second thing I learned is that if I am going to be up late or just don’t sleep well for whatever reason (which in it of itself is a case study) and have to be up the next morning for something, than one of the first things I should do when I open my eyes is TAKE MY MEDICINE!  I know this and yet I still can’t seem to do it.  I have an example for this one too…picture this:  I’m standing on the sidewalk in my pajamas one morning taking the recycling out.  The next thing I know I’m on my hands and knees looking around wondering if anyone was watching.  How I got from point a to point b is still a mystery.  But the cut on my knee and the big lump on the side of my ankle are a testament to my total cluelessness of it coming.  I mean, who skins the knees of their pajamas with grass stains?  Seriously people?!  I so should have stayed in bed….but dang it if I didn’t have to get that recycling to the curb on time.  I took a full dose after that and still managed to sleep part of the day away.  I just wish they’d come up with a cure already.  Treating symptoms only works when the symptoms stay the same.  But mine, along with tons of others like me, fluctuate.  So we treat the major ones and deal with the rest of them.

I also hate seeing new doctors.  They always try to repeat the tests in an effort to one up the last set of doctors I saw.  I see a new doctor on Wednesday.  I think I’m already a little pessimistic about it.  I wonder if they’ll pull out the medical books when I’m sitting in the room or if they’ll leave the room and look.  Or they could do like the doctor at Fort Leavenworth did.  She excused herself and came back a few minutes later to tell me she had consulted with three other doctors and decided that I should be referred out to a civilian neurologist.  At least she was honest, bummer is she wouldn’t see me again after that.  I think I scared her.  I have that effect on people.  It is one of my many special abilities the good Lord has blessed me with.

Ok, so I am wicked tired right now and can’t focus.  Like I mentioned earlier, I only had half a dose today so try to follow along.

I have to talk about Trey for a bit.  That kid is a total trip.  I pick him up from school today and he gets in the car and says “I forgot to eat lunch today.”  Right, ok.  I’m sure your teacher just totally forgot to take the class to lunch today because you were having so much fun doing educational activities as a class right?   I know I’m not a teacher but something tells me they really look forward to dropping the class off with someone else at lunch time.  So how does one forget to eat lunch?  Especially after they carried it all the way to school that very morning?!

“You forgot to eat lunch?” I asked him sounding 100% totally confused.  Who forgets to eat lunch in elementary school!?!?

“Yep.” he answered so matter-of-factly, “we went to lunch and I forgot.”  I bet on the inside he was thinking, “Duh mom.  I said I forgot what don’t you get about that?”

“So, did you just sit there and stare at everyone instead of eating?” I asked him.

“Nope.” again, as if this was the norm at his school.

“Well…what did you do during lunch if you forgot your lunch?”  Hello Trey?!  I can’t read your mind and I wasn’t there to witness this wonderful moment in your day so tell me what the heck you ate already so I don’t think your teacher is just letting you starve yourself at school.

He said: “I just got in line and got a sandwich from the hot line.”

Excuse me, what did you just say?!  You did what? “How did you pay for that?  You don’t have any money at school and I didn’t sign you up for the school lunch account? Did they just give you food without making you pay for it?” insert dramatic pause where he could clearly see I wasn’t done with my rant “Trey you opted to take your lunch to school this year and not buy it.  You can’t change your mind in the middle of the day and just get a hot lunch.  Someone has to pay for that meal.  Where is the lunch you brought to school?”

As I turn around I see him eating it.  Yep, that’s one less question for him to answer and it also explains why he let me go on so long without cutting me off.  He was eating….again.

“Well,” he said. “when I got to the front of the line the guy asked me if I had money and I said no.  He said ok and gave me some food.”  Hmmm….just like that huh?  It was that easy to steal lunch from school?  Hmmmm…..I might join you tomorrow….

Turns out his name did get put on the “naughty” list.  I expect a nasty gram to come home from school as soon as they realize he doesn’t have a lunch account established with them.  Not a chance the Department of Defense is going to let a free meal slide by.  Not in their current budgetary state anyway.

“Nice Trey” is about all I could say.

I picked him up from school for a few reasons.  I feel bad making him walk home alone, it looked like it might start raining and that would freak him out since we did just have a typhoon roll through, I’m not confident he’d actually make it home (Read the story above…he’s totally blonde.  It’s not kidnappers I’m concerned about, it’s his ability to find our house), and Tyler needed a few more school supplies from the store.  I was feeling more and more tired as the day passed so I wanted to hurry up and get it taken care of before I lost all of my ability to think clearly and became a useless blob.  So I picked him up enroute to the Base Exchange (aka: store).

Without fail you run into someone you know when you look or feel your absolute worst.  I was dog tired and boy did I look the part.  But I did have a nice chat with Karen and Ashley in the school supply section.

After having eaten two lunches already today Trey informed me he was hungry.  No way, Trey is hungry?!  By the time this boy is a teenager he will have eaten more food than the rest of us combined.  That and I’ll need to take on a second job just to feed him.  So, on the way home I stopped at Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.  That sounded like the perfect after school treat to me and if you know anything at all about Trey it is that nothing, and I mean nothing can get in the way of him and his ice cream.  I had to force Tyler into ordering something while trying to talk Trey back down to reality.  He was throwing what he wanted at me faster than I could read the menu.  When the dust had settled and the last drip of ice cream had been licked up here is how the servings broke down.

Trey had a double scooped sherbet cone.  Two flavors of course and not a single drop or crumb was left behind as evidence.  Tyler had one-quarter of a cookie dough single scoop cone.  Trey had three-quarters of a cookie dough single scoop cone….how is it that Trey ate more of Tyler’s cone than Tyler did?  Again, not a crumb was left behind.  Trygg had three-quarters of a cup of purple sherbet.  Trey had one-quarter of a cup of purple sherbet.  Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of purple sherbet all over Trygg.  I had Tyler scurry him off to the bathroom before Trey took a bite out of him.  I had about half of a snickers 31 below.  Trey had the other half of my snickers 31 below.

On the way home Trey said, “I’m hungry.  Can I have some mandarin oranges or something when we get back?”

He wasn’t kidding.

He threw a fit at bedtime because he only had one bowl of cereal today.   Dear God is this kid for real?!


2 Responses to “I’m hungry.”

  1. Mom Says:

    So feed the kid already – and have some extra money in his back pack “just in case” he goes thru the hot food line again! I love that kid! XOXO


  2. Sia Hood Says:

    OMGosh!!! this takes me back to the days when Christopher was still at home…from about 9 til he left home for college he was ALWAYS hungry!!! The refrigerator was his best friend and smart and resourceful guy that he was he actually charged his lunches @the office as well as eating what we packed for him to take…imagine my suprise when I got the school bill and discovered the extra $100.00 charge…needless to say the school & son got an earful BUT that did not deter my him, he just made friends with all the girls…cause girls NEVER eat all their lunch so he became the clean up crew :-)…looking forward to hearing more exploits from Trey hahaha…


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