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It’s Christmas Eve – what could possibly go wrong?! December 24, 2011

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It’s Christmas Eve!!  Wahooooo!!

I wrapped presents in the morning while the kids were asleep.  Rosco proved to be more of a nuisance than a help in this area.  He insisted on standing and laying on the paper as I unrolled it.  As if that wasn’t annoying enough, he wrestled with every bow and ribbon I had.  That’s ok though, he’s my sidekick and I don’t mind having him “help” with the presents.

Once Trey and Trygg were up I concocted an amazing plan.  I am kind of pleased that I thought of it so early in the day, and that they fell for it for so long.  😉  So I made them breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese and cupcakes), and then got them dressed.  After they had their teeth brushed and looked like they were going to settle on the couch for a movie I sprung it on them.   Bwuahahahaha (evil laugh)!

“Hey boys do you know what today is?” I asked them.

Trygg answered all excitedly: “It’s Christmas Eve!!”  Then him and Trey proceeded to jump on the couches and cheer like a bunch of morons.

So I asked, “Do you know what that means?”

They threw out a few different ideas like Santa comes tonight, and tomorrow is Jesus birthday.  Both are correct; however, not what I had in mind.  So……I told them that since Santa was coming tonight it meant that we had to clean the house all day today.  I could almost feel their excitement!  🙂  But before they could moan and groan and find every excuse known to man and then some, I added that Santa wouldn’t come if he had to step over toys and other crap lying around on the ground.   Naturally they were not too pleased with what they were hearing.

I pressed on and lo and behold, THEY BELIEVED ME!!!!

So, while Tyler and Bruce were asleep, Trey and Trygg cleaned their little hearts out.  Rewarded with cookies and cupcakes and the knowledge that Santa wouldn’t step on a toy or stub his toe on something when he came to visit them.  Together they tackled the dishes, hauling dirty laundry, cleaning up the family room, cleaning their room, tidying up their bathroom, feeding the pets, and taking the dog out to do his business.  Trey hauled garbage outside for me too.

I’d say all in all it was a win-win situation for everyone.  I got a clean house, and they get to spend the day thinking Santa is going to come because of their hard work.  What more could possibly  make this a better day?!

Funny I should ask that.  Not more than an hour after we got home from the Christmas Eve service Trygg walked around the corner and ever so matter of factly said: “Today I peed in the garbage can.  I thought it was the toilet.”  Say what?!?!  “What did you say Trygg?” was about all I could muster up while looking at Bruce like is this kid for real!?!

So he said it again.  This time with a little giggle in his voice.  “I had to pee and I thought it was the toilet but I accidentally peed in the garbage can in the bathroom.”

Of course, Tyler and Trey are busting a gut laughing at his statement.  Bruce was just shaking his head in either disbelief or amusement, I’m not really sure which one it was.  All I could say was “you boys don’t go near the garbage can in the bathroom.”

Really?!  Is this payback for making you clean all morning or are you really that stupid?  I’m going with payback; and I’m willing to place money on it that one of his big brothers convinced him to do it.  So, the moral of this day is:  Make your kids clean for you and toss out the bathroom garbage before you go to bed.  Can and all.

Merry Christmas everyone!


2 Responses to “It’s Christmas Eve – what could possibly go wrong?!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Trygg takes after his “great great” grandpa Shellum – who peed in your father’s shoe…..


  2. Lol, I’ll have to read through all your blog articles, so funny, Heidi!!! I giggled all throughout this post! Merry Christmas!!


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