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A Little Christmas Poem December 31, 2011

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Christmas is over and the new year is literally only a few hours away.  This past year flew by quickly and I can only imagine what 2012 has in store for us.  Before I start the next year; however, I thought I’d post our Christmas Poem.  I mailed some out, and handed some out, and some I meant to hand out and kept forgetting so I just threw them away.  That’s horrible I know, but hey, it was clutter on my counter.  Anyway, if you loved it the first time you will love it here too.  If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great new year (and happy reading)!

It was a cold winter’s day, at least 77;

As we sat back, relaxed, and discussed 2011.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and the sun,

We’re smothered in sunblock and having much fun.

Okinawa is beautiful, a place we call home,

But it’s a long way away from the Metrodome.

We’d love to tell you about all that we’ve seen,

But this would go on forever and that would be mean.


Tyler is awesome, did you have any doubt?

He’s good at all sports, and still love’s to pout.

On his birthday this year he became a teen,

In two years the car keys from our hands he’ll wean.

Trey is in 3rdgrade and he’s really smart.

That’s hard to believe, cuz he loves to fart.

Soccer and tennis are both very cool,

Although in his sleep, boy does he drool.


Trygg is a hoot, a real ladies man.

If only he’d flush after using the can.

When he grows up he wants to be a love doctor;

I wonder what kinds of exams his clinic will proctor?


Heidi’s the best, a trophy wife through and through,

Volunteering and snorkeling; man is that ocean blue.

She keeps us all running like a well oiled machine

To get us all moving she sometimes gets mean.


Bruce is okay, a bit of a grump

His career is still going, he’s over the hump.

A new assignment is lurking right around the corner.

No more Oki diving?  That sucks.


Rosco is our cat, as black as a jet,

We’re very happy that he’s not dead yet.

Trooper is huge; he’s a site to see,

The yellow river doth flow from his pee.


We miss you all, okay, not really,

The States are what we really miss dearly.

Walmart and Target and things of that sort

Are what we’ll do first when we get into port.


We’re reaching across the world through this letter

To say Happy Christmas; it doesn’t get any better!

God bless you and keep you in all that you do,

Have a great Christmas, and a New Year too!


Our Christmas poem is now complete

We’ve met all the standards that we had to meet.

We talked about the weather and our dogs’ peeing plight;

Even Walmart, the rednecks delight!


Bruce and Heidi Bredlow


One Response to “A Little Christmas Poem”

  1. Don Says:

    Love your poem Heidi.
    Happy New Year

    Love DAD


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