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Sticker shock! February 25, 2012

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For the record, this blog is one of the few that I don’t mention poop, poo, crap, turds, fecal matter, etc in.    Oops, I just mentioned them.  Never mind then.

So there I was, in the Commissary.  Picture your standard giant grocery store lit up in spectacular fashion with hundreds of fluorescent lights overhead and many, many long aisles of groceries.  Now, imagine the Indy 500 as the drivers are neck and neck going into the final bend in the track before the finish.  Can you see those two things in your mind?  Perfect.  That is what shopping in the Kadena Commissary is like on a daily basis.  I loathe it.  Yes, there certainly are worse things in life to deal with; however, I can’t really avoid the Commissary.  I mean, the kids do have to eat something right?!

I was in a hurry this time.  It was raining outside and in about an hour Tyler was going to be done with school.  The plan was that I’d be done in time to pick him up so he wouldn’t have to walk home in the rain.

Notice I said: “the plan was…”  I got the slowest bagger in the world and I nearly took the bags from him and threw them in the car myself.  “Dude it’s raining!!  Let’s move with a purpose.  If you’re too old for the job then LEAVE IT!!!”

Anywhoooo, I actually took a good look at the prices in the produce department on this visit.  WHOA!!!  In my mind I’m picturing myself sprawled out on the Commissary floor, paramedics straddling over me, my shirt ripped open, and the fluorescent lights blocked out by two rectangular blocks.  “Clear!” ZAP “Clear!” ZAP

So perhaps my heart stopped for a bit…

Raspberries and blueberries are super delicious. But are they really worth $2.99 for a 4oz pack?

Are they really worth $2.99 for a 4oz pack??

I bought three of each.  That would be $17.94 on three packs of raspberries and three packs of blueberries.  These better be like eating Heaven.

That was a little shocking…but check out the price of strawberries.

And they were not good looking berries!

I didn’t buy any.  Fruit that’s ready to eat and fruit that’s a bit beyond ready to eat aren’t worth the same price, in my opinion.  That $4.99 might get you ten berries.  If you’re lucky.

I can’t go home with just blueberries and raspberries.  Apples, everyone eats apples!

Seriously?! A pound?? They do know these grow on trees right?!

Alright, alright.  I bought six apples.  Do you want to know what that cost me???  $11.99   FOR SIX APPLES!!!!

I can’t take it..I’m out of the fruit and into the veggies.  Certainly it can’t get more costly than that right?!  WRONG!  I need peppers for some recipes so off to find red and green peppers.

Seriously?! I'm investing in produce. Screw the rage on gold investing.

I bought one red and two green for a grand total of…..$4.94.  Something seems criminal about paying almost $5 for three peppers.

That image of the paramedics is starting to feel like reality……

But before I show you the real cost kicker check out what $234.00 will get you!

Habu Sake!

If you have any money left over after buying fruit and vegetables for your family then I suggest picking up a super sized mason jar of Habu Sake!  Nothing screams yummy more than a jar of dirty water with a snake in it.  Yummy!!  🙂

Drink responsibly or it'll sink its fangs into you!

So, here’s the skinny on Habu Sake.  It’s not really Sake at all, it’s just called that. It is actually made with Awamori (a personal FAVORITE).  Awamori is made by distilling rice, the longer it sits the more potent it gets.  🙂  Awamori is hugely popular in Okinawa, as is Habu Sake.  As for the Habu…it’s just your typical venomous snake.  You know, deadly.  Supposedly if you live through a bite you’re considered very lucky to be alive.  With a reputation like that why wouldn’t we bottle it up and drink it?!  Especially when we use the VENOM to make the Habu Sake.   Yep, Habu Sake is simply a precise combination of Awamori and Habu Venom.  Toss in a little Habu for good measure and you have yourself one heck of a drink.  Truth be told, I’m a little scared to try it.  They say the potency of the Awamori neutralizes the venom of the Habu.  Still, not buying it.  That and the $234 price tag.  Bigger snake = bigger price.  This is a middle of the line priced bottle.

Back to the groceries….

That Habu Sake got me thinking.  I need to do a good old American price comparison to see how far my dollar really goes.  Hmm…what is more American that potatoes and beer?!

Here is what I pay for a bag of 12 potatoes that are about the size of a kiwi.

Kiwi sized white potatoes. Roughly 12 in a bag. Yes I bought a bag.

Here is what I would pay for a case of beer (all major brand names were the same price):

$13.99 for a 30 pack! Jackpot!!

Let me get this straight.  30 beers for $13.99 or 12 potatoes for $9.89?  If I bought 30 potatoes that would cost me $24.75!  Something is wrong with this picture.  Something is seriously wrong.

I bought this red stamp for Bruce to use at work. I think I need to take it to the Commissary and stamp all of their signs.


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