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There’s always one…. March 21, 2012

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You’ve heard the saying: “there’s one in every family.”  If you haven’t, well, now you can thank me for introducing you to this novel concept.  The premise is that there is someone in every family that does something crazy, great, idiotic, funny, dumb, illegal, etc; hence the reason they say there’s one in every family.  It’s kind of like the six degrees of separation.  You know, the belief that you are somehow connected or linked to someone you don’t know by six connections, or degrees.

Whatever, you’re not reading this for a scholarly lesson – and if you were then I question your upbringing as I rarely have anything worth a scholarly look in here.  Police investigation…well, that might warrant a second look….but scholars…unlikely.

As a parent I want my kids to be known as “the one!”  Not the one that gets in trouble for doing drugs, or the one that cheated on a test.  No, I want them to be known as the smart one, the cute one, the great athlete, the one with the amazing mom.  I really feel like these aren’t lofty dreams to have for them either.    Think of it like this:  when you were dating your spouse how did you know that they were “the one?”  How will girls know when my boys are “the one” for them?

For the most part the boys are on the up and up in this area.  When Trey was little I was known as “Trey’s mom.” That’s not a good thing to be known as.  I prefer to be known as Heidi, but for many years no one knew that’s what my name was.  No, instead I was Trey’s mom.  We moved from one state to another and I thought, “Finally!  Freedom from this label.  When we arrive I will be me again!”  Then I thought, “Free at last, free at last.  Thank God I am free at last!!!”  Yeah, that didn’t last long.  Darn kid.  I was still known as Trey’s mom in our new state too.  Why is this you might ask?  Well, it is because he was “the one.”  The one that cried like a baby whenever left alone, the one that screamed bloody murder when I dropped him off at school.  For 45 minutes straight.  Every day.  For a YEAR!!  I was so glad to move again three years later and finally get my identity back.

The kids have done really well keeping it together.  No more labeling them as “the one.”

That is….until yesterday.

I have one.  Actually, I have THE ONE.  You know, that kid you don’t want your kids hanging around because they clearly have no moral values (OH MY GOSH!!!  I am raising our future president!!!!).  Or that kid with no boundaries and self dignity.  Yeah, I have that one.  I have the one you go home and tell your family about, and not in a good way.  He’s the one that gets used as the example for what not to do for years to come…yes faithful readers, I have the one.  No, make that THE ONE.

Yes, I have the child that mooned his entire first grade class for no reason.

Awesome.  How on earth do you discipline that?  I want to laugh hysterically because that my friends, is funny (and I know which parent he gets this talent from).  Well, it’s funny to me; it wasn’t so funny to his teacher.  😉

I sent him to school this morning and asked him to leave his pants on.  Does every household have to have that conversation before school or is it just mine?


3 Responses to “There’s always one….”

  1. Julie Blancaflor Says:

    Thanks for the laugh Heidi! A real proud parenting moment, well, at least a humorous one!


  2. Jessica Sorensen Says:

    Ummmmmm…sorry to say, that might be just you, Heidi, that you have to remind your child to keep his pant oni!! ‘OH MY GOSH!!! I am raising our future president’, I about died reading this part!!!! …truly, thanks for the laugh, Trey’s mom! Btw, was this story about, sweetTrygg? You made me very curious since you didn’t name him…LOL (lot’s of love!!)!!!


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