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“Eh, I can live without it.” April 26, 2012

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It’s cold out (a chilly 66 degrees), it’s raining, and I really don’t feel like cleaning.  So what is the best thing to do on a rainy day in Okinawa?  Go shopping of course!

I head out just after lunch with my trusty shopping companion for the first of two stops.  Admittedly I had higher hopes for the Navy Fleet Gift Shop than what I saw.  Ok, don’t get me wrong, they have a ton of cool things in there but none of them really spoke to me.  I did buy a fun dress.  If I didn’t already have a pretty hefty size collection of monkey pod dishes I would have purchased more of those.  Purchases in hand, we departed for stop two.

The Marine Gift Shop is my favorite.  They have so much stuff and a ton of it screams for me to come over and buy it.  Thank God I have some self control!  Some is the key word.  For months I’ve been eying the gongs they sell.  At first they had a ton of them in a wide variety of sizes.  I should have picked one up then, but I didn’t.  The few times I’ve gone back since then the selection has greatly dwindled.  Just two weeks ago I was up there with Bruce and they only  had four left!  Even he thought they were cool and considered getting one.  We didn’t.  We said if we really wanted it we would come back and get it later.

So here I am.  Looking at the ONLY gong they have left until August.  Do I, or do I not buy it?!  I called Bruce.  No answer.  Awe man, I love this thing.  What if he says no?  I try him again.  No answer.  Dang nabbit, now what do I do.  Crap!  There’s another couple in there looking at it.  No answer.

We decide to buy what we have and leave.  But that gong is beckoning to me.  I seriously wanted to walk up to it, grab the mallet and gong the crap out if it right there in the store.  Who doesn’t want to do that?!  So I set my purchases on the counter, tell them that giant glass fish on the floor is mine (yes I bought  a giant glass fish, it’s awesome) too.

All I hear in my head is: gong. gong. gong.  you know you want the gong.

So I ask the lady, “Do you have any more gongs?”  She tells me no, they get another shipment in August.  I’m not here in August.  “Well, the one in there has a crack in the base would you discount it for me?” I asked her.  She tried to tell me it’s like that so you can take it apart.  No kidding, I see that.  But I can woodwork and I know a crack from a joint woman.  I didn’t say that, but I was thinking it.  What I said was: “No, it’s an actual crack.”

So she came out, looked at it, and offered a reasonable discount.  No word from Bruce… I love this gong.  “Ok, I’ll take it.”

Yeah for the gong!!!  Seriously, I am stoked.  This thing ROCKS!

FYI: No returns or exchanges in the gift stores.  🙂

We load up our loot and head for home.  About ten minutes later my phone rings. It’s Bruce.  Oh the timing…..

I’m almost to Kadena Gate 1 when I answer it.  Naturally he wants to know why I called before.  I said: “Hey, we were up on Foster and they only had one gong left.  Do you want it?!”

His reply is priceless: “Well (long pause.  And I mean a long pause).  Eh, I can live without it.”

All I said was “Ok!”  We hung up….Karen and I laughed our asses off!!!!

Even Rosco like it!

I have the gong set up in the living room.  It looks nice.


7 Responses to ““Eh, I can live without it.””

  1. Jessica Sorensen Says:

    Good thing you speak fluent “Bruce’, he meant he ‘COULD”NT live without it’, right? Congrats to new Gong owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce!!!


  2. Denise Says:

    It’s definitely better than spending the next 5 years wishing you had bought one while you were here…


  3. Christy S. Says:

    i’d totally whack that thing every night before dinner! cool gong


  4. Chris R Says:

    I can totally see you wanting to smack the gong in the middle of the store.


  5. heidi harding Says:

    Nice gong, you know Bruce wanted he just didn’t want to say anything.


  6. Don Says:

    I think it is really neat you got the gong. Just can’t believe you gave it that much thought. I can’t wait to see it and give it a whack.


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