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The Fun Filled Christmas Letter January 18, 2013

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I mailed some of these out to family and friends; however, I was in a rush as they were really late, and I was trying to get out the door for Vegas, so….I lost track of who I sent one to and who I didn’t.  To avoid sending several to the same people (who does that?! cough, cough, my mother, cough, cough), I’m just going to post it here for you all to read at your leisure.  Besides, this is free, postage is not.  😉

Sit back and enjoy the letter, I guarantee mine is better:

Our letter is late, and we could care less,

Writing is hard and we didn’t want to stress.

The kids are off from school, they’re running us ragged,

And the ice on our house is pointy and jagged.

Heidi keeps the zoo running while Bruce is away,

It’s getting really hard to keep her insanity at bay.

Trophy wife by day and hockey mom at night,

She takes care of business and breaks up the fights.

Rosco is Heidi’s baby and reduces her strife,

But the old sack of bones is just clinging to life.

Trooper’s old too, a giant, friendly pet,

He’s Tryggy’s best friend, the biggest he’s had yet.

Trygg is our baby in grade numero dos,

He’s and expert booger picker and that is just gross.

He competes with his brothers for food and for play,

And he holds his own on any given day.

Trey is our brainiac in grade number four,

He’s growing so fast he’ll soon duck through the door.

Skiing is a skill at the top of his list,

It better be fun cuz he’s easily pissed.

Tyler’s the oldest and likes causing trouble,

In the eighth grade, he’s a Justin Bieber double.

Hockey is a game at which he rocks,

Watch him stop the puck and he’ll blow off your socks.

Bruce is advising the Saudi’s overseas,

Blah, blah, blah, his job is a tease.

From all over the globe he calls back and hollers,

He’s making good use of all your tax dollars.

Heidi is the fun one and Bruce is, well, boring,

The boys tag along, especially if dad’s snoring.

Our next assignment to find out we are itchin’,

Cuz the cold weather is Heidi’s favorite topic for bitchin’.

This Army life is what we have chosen,

Even if it means we are completely frozen.

We wish you the best in the coming new year,

And pray God’s plan you’ll be able to hear.

Happy 2013!

Bruce, Heidi, Tyler (14), Trey (10), and Trygg (7)

(we didn’t include pictures on this letter, you see, because ink’s too expensive and facebook is free)


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