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カリフラワー Pizza! March 10, 2013

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So……any idea what  カリフラワー means?  I’ll give you a clue, it is normally NEVER, EVER, EVER found in pizza.  Unless of course, you are eating pizza at my house.  😀

I’ll start by posting this awesome video of the boys enjoying dinner.  At this point, they had no idea that they were eating  カリフラワー.

The pizza was really quite good, as is evidenced by the fact that this is all that was left:

Those kids sure do know how to clean up a pizza.

Those kids sure do know how to clean up a pizza.

Just what is this secret ingredient?  What does カリフラワー mean?  Watch this video for your answer.  😀

Awesome!  Here is what you need in order to make this pizza crust:

A medium size head of cauliflower

1 large egg, beaten

1/3 cup cheese (original called for goat cheese – NASTY!  I used a combination of Provolone and Mozzarella)

1 tsp dried oregano

a pinch of sea salt

Preheat your oven to 400F.

Make cauliflower rice.  To do this, put small batches of your cauliflower into a food processor and pulsate it.  Your cauliflower will look like rice after doing this, hence, cauliflower rice.  You want 4 cups of this cauliflower rice.

Fill a saucepan with water and bring it to a boil.  Put the 4 cups of cauliflower rice into the pot of boiling water.  Boil it for about five minutes.  Watch it closely though, as this likes to bubble up and I imagine it would be a mess to clean up should it boil over.

Once your cauliflower is soft drain it in a strainer that is very fine, otherwise you’ll just dump your cauliflower down the drain with the hot water and that would most definitely suck.

Steamed, drained cauliflower

Steamed, drained cauliflower

After you’ve drained the cauliflower get a thin, clean dish towel.  I suggest lining a pot with it or this next step will leave you frustrated with boiling hot water all over the place.  Dump the drained cauliflower into the middle of the clean, thin, dish towel.  Wring it out.  The point in this step is to rid the cauliflower of as much moisture as humanly possible.  You will be surprised at how much you can  wring out of it.  If you skip this step your crust will have too much moisture in it and will not come off the pan  you bake it in and it will look terrible.  This step is hot. Very hot.  If you don’t wear oven mitts you’ll need to find another way to keep your fingers from burning off.

Upon completion of operation rid the cauliflower of water very carefully open up the towel while dumping the mush into a bowl.

Add one large beaten egg, the spices, and cheese.  Mix it up.

This will look like mush in a bowl, but it is the makings of a delicious pizza crust.  Now, line a pan with parchment paper.  Do not skip this step, unless you never want to get your crust off the pan.  Then, dump your crust mixture on the paper and shape it to whatever shape you want.  Try to keep the edges a bit thicker than the other parts of the crust in order to replicate the outer edges of a pizza.

This looks good enough to me.

This looks good enough to me.

Put it into the oven and bake it for 35-40 minutes.  Watch it as it gets closer.  It is done when it is golden brown and firm.  Pull it out of the over, put whatever it is you want on top of it on it, and then stick it back into the over for about ten more minutes, or until the cheese is hot and bubbly.

Looks just like your ordinary pizza.

Looks just like an ordinary pizza.

When it is cooked to your desired pizza doneness, pull it out of the oven. Slice it up and serve it to any unsuspecting person you can find.



Please note that we eat on very high quality dishware.

Please note that we eat on very high quality dishware.

Now, I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again.  I like to serve my children first.  That way, if something is nasty, I’m not stuck with the taste in my mouth.  I know, I know…Mother of the Year is all mine.

Pizza tester!

Pizza tester!

Hopefully by this point you’ve watched the videos at the beginning of this blog.  If not, go do it now.

I’m waiting…….

……still waiting.

Ok, I trust you aren’t lying.  The pizza was a huge success with all three of the boys, and I thought it was very good.  It was easy to pick up and eat like a normal piece of pizza, which helps fool them even more.  The only thing I will change in the future is the very outer edges of the crust.  The part that normally doesn’t see the pizza sauce and cheese.  Yeah, that part tasted like hot cauliflower.  Blech.  Not at any other time in the whole experience of eating this could you taste the cauliflower.

The very edges were gross.

The very edges were gross.

Next time I plan to fix that.  Upon making and shaping the crust onto the pan, prior to baking it, I will sprinkle fresh garlic and mozzarella cheese around the outer edge.  The flavors are a good match for a pizza, and strong enough to cover the cauliflower taste so that you might actually eat the entire piece.

So, now you know that カリフラワー is cauliflower in Japanese. Food and culture in one post.  🙂


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