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Lip Smacking, Wine Drinking, Totally Butt Kicking Chocolate Worth Punching Someone in the Face Over March 10, 2013

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Every once in a while I just need some chocolate.


And not just any ordinary chocolate will do.  I want chocolate that is so decadent it melts in my mouth, leaves me totally satisfied without feeling the need to eat more than one person reasonably should, that has a smooth flavor that lingers without turning bitter, and last but certainly not least, it must go great with a bottle of wine.  I don’t really care what kind of wine it is either, it just needs to pair well with wine.

I'd even consider drinking this wine if the chocolate was good enough to make up for the liquid crap that is Franzia.

I’d even consider drinking this wine if the chocolate was good enough to make up for the liquid crap that is Franzia.

Thus the quest for the nearly perfect chocolate continues.  I wouldn’t say perfect because the chocolate my then neighbor, Christy, brought back from Paris was darn near perfection.  I hoarded that chocolate like the crazy people on hoarders hoard whatever it is they’re hoarding.  Seriously, when you ate that chocolate it was like God put a Heavenly host of angelic voices in your mouth and they were proclaiming that God himself had ordained these as the chocolates above all other chocolates.  They were that good. 😀

Considering that, I made nearly perfect chocolates this morning.  I follow a Paleo blog and I’ve seen this recipe (Primal Fudge) pop up a time or two as other chocolate seekers leave comments. So today, I modified the recipe and it was delicious!

Lip Smacking, Wine Drinking, Totally Butt Kicking Chocolate Worth Punching Someone in the Face Over (my new recipe name)

You will need to gather the following ingredients and supplies:

mini muffin pan

mini muffin pan liners

food processor (or a blender I suppose)

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup cocoa powder (better quality = better for you so quit being a cheap bastard and buy the good stuff.)

1/2 cup organic peanut butter (original recipe calls for almond butter -if you are like my sister and swell up like the state puff marshmallow man if you eat peanuts but not almonds use the almond butter, duh)

1/4 cup raw honey (If you use honey harvested within 30 miles of where you live it will help build your immunity to the local allergens.  Shop local.)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Melt the coconut oil.  Dump all the ingredients in the food processor, no specific order here, just dump it all in.  I used a Ninja and it seriously rocks.  Everyone should buy a Ninja, even if it is for no other reason than to say you have a Ninja in your kitchen.  😉

If you haven’t already, put the lid on securely, plug it into a power source, badda bing badda boom, you have liquid chocolate.  That is, if you actually turned it on and weren’t waiting for me to type that step too.  If you didn’t power up you are an idiot.  If I have to spell it out in that great of detail you probably shouldn’t be alone in the kitchen, with a Ninja.

Place the mini muffin liners into the mini muffin pan (why do some people need every stinking step spelled out for them?).

Whatever you have to do to put the liquid heaven (the chocolate in your food processor) into the mini muffin cups inside the mini muffin pan, do it now.  I fill them about 3/4 of the way up.  Remember it is a treat, not a meal.

Fill them about that full.

Fill them about that full.

Then, stick the entire pan into your freezer for about ten minutes.  No room in the freezer?  That’s okay, put the entire tray into your refrigerator for about thirty minutes (unlucky you has to wait longer to eat them). No room there either? If you live in the frozen north like I do, you could put them in your “winter cold storage” for a bit, aka: on the deck, in the garage, on the front porch, etc.  Keep the pan level or you’ll have a chocolate mess to clean up.

Once they are solid and feel like a peanut butter cup when you push on them, they are ready.   Cooking is such an exact science.  The moment has finally arrived, pull one out of the pan.

This is what ready looks like.

This is what ready looks like.

Carefully unwrap it.  Preferably in front of your children, it will make them jealous and if you need chores done this will create an excellent bartering opportunity.

Look at that photo bomber.

Look at that photo bomber.

Find an appropriate taste tester.  I like to encourage my kids to taste new things first.  That way, if it sucks, I’m not stuck with the taste in my mouth.



Once you’re done licking your fingers clean you can make more, clean up your mess, or sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine.  Whatever you decide, make sure you store them in an air tight container in the refrigerator; or the freezer.  Whatever floats your boat.

Now, these aren’t exactly low on calories so I’d eat them very sparingly.  Here is what I was able to calculate per serving.

Serving size = one chocolate, which is about half an ounce (yes I weighed it on my kitchen scale). So the below list is PER SERVING.

39.9 calories

.8 grams of carbohyrates

3 grams of fat (total, I didn’t bother breaking it down)

.6 grams of protein (yeah peanut butter)

0 sodium (that’s right, organic peanut butter is sodium free.  Just as peanut butter should be.)

Mine made about 60 chocolate cups.  I probably could have eeked out more; however, the children got into the bowl of melted chocolate.  BUT, just before I was able to dump a little of the extra on banana slices.  We love frozen chocolate covered bananas.

awesome frozen treat

awesome frozen treat

It’s a treat, it’s okay to splurge once in a while when you use healthy ingredients.  The key is healthy ingredients.


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  1. Don Shellum Says:

    Sounds good Heidi, hope you save me one.


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