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You’re Reading What?! May 8, 2013

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I’ve often heard people say reading is good for the soul; or that it helps spark your imagination and keep your brain sharp.  I can see where that would be true; however, ain’t no one go time for that!

Honestly, when are the crazies that spend hours buried in a book finding the hours to bury themselves in a book?

I’ve had the same book sitting on my desk for about 20 minutes and I have yet to find the time to open it up. In fact, it now has two sheets of paper on top of it that appear to be more pressing issues than spending time reading.  One is the grocery list.  Stupid yes, but totally important in this house. I can hardly keep up with the ever expanding appetites of the boys as it is, let alone if I should forget to actually stock the house with food.  The other is a coupon book Trey made for me.  I plan to cash in every last one of his coupons this weekend.  Oh heck, I did just spend time reading….I read every single one of the coupons.  I especially like the one that has them cleaning the cat litter.  I’m definitely photocopying these coupons.  He even made a bar code on them so I could “scan” them with my iPhone like I do at the store when I’m looking for gluten in the ingredients.  This kid thinks of everything!  Well, almost everything.  If he thought of everything he’d have thrown a coupon in there refilling my wine glass.  😉

Speaking of wine, let me get back to the issue of reading.  Now, many people say they like to sit down with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and read.  To better prepare myself I poured a glass of wine into a tea cup, saucer and all.  Nothing screams elegance like sipping wine from an itty bitty cup with your pinky finger stuck out ever so daintily.  If I keep this habit up I’m going to have to crochet a few doilies to set under my tea cup.  Since I can’t crochet, it will be another amazing opportunity to read up on something.  I am a firm believer in learning a new skill too.  So as not to over exert myself, I’ll stick to one skill per day.  Today was mastering the art of pinky elegance while sipping a soft blush from a teacup.  Oh dear I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

Regarding reading for enjoyment; what was the last book you read for pure, unadulterated personal enjoyment (aside from the Bible.  I am not counting that in this post because I read that daily.  This post is about other total nonsense kinds of reading)?  I was going to say pleasure instead of enjoyment; however, I know so many of my loyal readers have less than sparkly clean minds and images of Fifty Shades of Grey popped into my head.  *sigh*   I digress….   What are you reading for fun and not because you have to read a book for work, your book club, school, etc?

Don’t laugh at this one.  Aside from the ever so amazing Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, the last book I read was “Wineries of Wisconsin and Minnesota.”  Keep in mind I have read this keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense and pure awesomeness book at least five times.  Aside from that, my other recent read was “Give Up: Life’s an Adventure for Most….A Concussion for You.”  Both are crazy good books, but I definitely recommend the latter if you are looking for a light read.  I’m serious by the way.  These are the last two books I read.  In fact, I made  Bruce buy me the “Give Up” book for Christmas. 🙂

Wait until you hear what I have queued up for my next good read.  Are you ready?  Do you think you can handle it?!  Ok, I know the suspense is killing you.  The next book I plan to add to my repertoire is Kevin Zraly’s “Complete Wine Course.”  I can hear the roar of your cheering and the pains of your jealousy from here.

The question still remains though, where are all the crazies finding the time to spend hours buried in a book?  I read “If You Give a Mom a Martini” in about twenty minutes and that was pushing the limits of my free time.  Even in the twenty minutes I set aside to read that book the cat was pestering me so badly for attention that I had to give this mom a martini.

People often tell me they wake up early to read, or spend time reading during lunch, or even stay up late after the kids go to bed to read.  Are they nuts?!  Obviously they are.  If your kids haven’t worn you down to a drunken stupor by days end you are doing it wrong.  Or, perhaps it is because they do not have my kids.  😉

I do love reading!

I do love reading!

So tell me, what are the secrets to finding the time to actually sit down and read for the sake of reading (again, outside of the Bible) without falling asleep or having some snot nosed, dirt coated, poop machine interrupting you?


One Response to “You’re Reading What?!”

  1. mnmomma56 Says:

    Heidi, you have to wait until your kids have gotten older. Once they are out of the house, you’ll have plenty of time for reading all the books on your out-of-date list of good books to read. I loved reading as a kid and had to put all that reading on hold until my two were either in high school or on their own. It was worth the wait. Now I can spend a whole day curled up on the couch reading…until the cat curls up on my book I’m reading.


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