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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Because my Phone Sucks. January 21, 2015

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Why do you password protect your iPhone? I do mine because I have a certain child that likes to take it, change the background images to selfies of himself making random silly faces, and then fill my camera roll with the aforementioned random silly faces thus rendering my storage capacity full and locking me out of my phone until I plug it into a computer to dump the images and free up a bit of storage.  Did I mention the certain child is quite keen at figuring out what my code is, no matter how random it might be (well, except for the instance below).  I also lock this darn thing for the unlikely chance it falls into the wrong hands. Rather, into hands that do not live under the same roof as me.  Which brings us to my present predicament.


Should you change your iPhone password in haste while only half paying attention because you were talking to your spouse, arguing with the child that is the cause of the hasty code change, attempting to get two others to move out of the way of the other customers, eyeballing the lady behind you in line because she is clearly judging  you for purchasing that extra comfortable men’s sweater for yourself, wondering why you didn’t grab those fresh oranges because they looked so darn delicious, randomly saying “move over there” and “I said no” to the kids, realizing you didn’t buy any wine on this trip, wondering if you have time to grab some, and emptying a bag of goodies at the register of a very crowded Italian store on a Sunday evening (when all the locals shop) while on holiday in the south of Italy is a surefire way to end up in one heck of a predicament.

Also, know that saying to yourself “oh that is a catchy number combination” while doing the above listed things and then swiftly shoving your newly passworded phone into your purse while shifting gears to the actual task at hand is not the proper way to ensure you recall the number sequence you entered into your phone not more than 30 seconds earlier.

Less than five minutes later in the comfort of the passenger seat of the car, I drew a complete blank.  All I knew was that I thought it was a catchy number combination, it started with nine, and ended on the top row of numbers.  Seriously, that was it.

Making matters worse was I had to borrow my nine-year olds phone.  I went to use it and it was password protected.  Two days later and I am now able to get into my phone….my newly restored to factory settings and 100% erased. It’s like a new phone in my demon filled phone’s body….. I’m not even done attempting to set it back up and it’s already being a pain in the ass.  Yep, this is my phone alright.  Bummer, I was hoping it would have magically transformed itself into an iPhone 6 with thumb reader.   Yes I know they are massive but after this joy filled experience I could care less.

I lied.

It’s not like a new phone in my old phone’s body. It is exactly like my old phone.  Turn it on, it erases itself. Walk through the process again and get it set up. It erases itself.  Curse at it. It erases itself.

I have beaten it on the back of the couch, no progress.

Where is the wine?

And the power just went out……


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